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This is a cheatsheet for a few package manager reference. NEW PAGE UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Last updates 4.2019. If you wish to lend your own tips or command snippets, you can get in touch via:

Pacman (or Yay)

Common Commands

  • pacman -Ss >pkg< - Search
  • pacman -S >pkg< - Install only
  • pacman -Syy - Update pacman database cache
  • pacman -Syyu - Update grade everything
  • pacman -Syu >pkg< - Install (and update package list)
  • pacman -Syu --ignore >pkg< - Synch pkg db, install updates but ignore a pkg
  • pacman -R >pkg< - Uninstall
  • pacman -Rsc >pkg< - Uninstall + unneeded dependencies
  • pacman -Rdd >pkg< - Force Uninstall
Advisory on Arch: it's necessary to update regularly, if not weekly preferably, due to cutting edge package versions and changing dependency/package versions. This will save unnecessary issues or time concerning maintenance tasks and keep your install working smooth-as-butter. Arch is a rolling distribution, offering the best and latest in software with a small but worthwhile price of simple, regular maintenance updates being mandatory --- the design of this distribution and its package management.


  • pacman -Qe - List explictly-installed packages
  • pacman -Ql >pkg< - List files belonging to package
  • pacman -Qii >pkg< - List info on package
  • pacman -Qo >file< - List owner of file
  • pacman -Qs >query< - Search installed packages for keywords
  • pacman -Syup - Synch pkg db, only print to screen updates


  • pacman -Qdt - List unneeded packages
  • pacman -Rns $(pacman -Qdtq) - Uninstall unneeded packages

Dependency info

  • pactree >pkg< - List what package depends on
  • pactree -r >pkg< - List what depends on package [dependencies]

Yay AUR helper

  • Download or clone from the git repo
  • git clone https://aur.archlinux.org/yay.git - clone into a directory from git
  • cd yay - navigate into directoy
  • makepkg -si - make the file

CentOs (or Yum)

Don't despair... coming soon